Friday, May 1, 2009

Sara an I have had a great morning at the library and the park. At the park, we got totally wet going in puddles and sliding down dirty, wet slides. My back side was completed soaked, and I realized that I honestly didn't care if anyone saw my wet behind. And since we took my car, I didn't have to worry about getting Jon's car muddy (which he is not a fan of!). So that was fun. I love this time of year in Ohio.

Jon set up his doctor's appt for next week and is going to get his blood drawn and his fingers printed today. Our checklist is dwindling, and I think we have gotten mostly everything I had hoped to get done this week completed. I have a phone appt with the homestudy social worker tonight, and then there is only one actual home visit.

I also started to think about how we will set up the girls' room since we only have a 2 bedroom condo. I am deciding if we should transition Sara into a bed before or after Katya arrives and how and where we will fit everything. I am not the best at matching and decorating, so I am hoping that my mom will help me this summer. She's great at that kind of thing.

At the library

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