Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some "Not So Good" News (But Also an Exciting Opportunity)

Apparently, back in February a new policy in Katya's country reduced the number of diseases that allow for an expedited dossier submission. The new list has only 12 conditions on it, and Katya's is not one of them. What this basically means it that, where Katya did have a chance of being adopted before her transfer to the institution and before her country (possibly) halts adoptions for awhile, there is now a much smaller chance that this will happen. If we do not somehow get around the new policy, we are probably looking at something like February, 2010 to bring Katya home instead of September, 2009 like we originally thought. So this is really bad news for Katya. We are hoping that a new policy will be passed soon (supposedly one is in the works) and that the orphanage director at the "baby house" where Katya now lives will hold her there for us and not allow her to be transferred to an institution when she turns 5. Please pray for this and for Katya's health and psychological well-being in the meantime.

On a positive note, I have been meaning to talk about a very special medical missions trip for quite a while now. It is called Little Loaves and Fishes and has been coordinated by a wonderful woman name Hope Anne who has prayed for Katya for quite sometime. Inspired by Katya's situation, she has recruited 2 doctor to travel to Katya's orphanage and to help with the medical needs of the children there! She is hoping to travel as soon as possible but is still trying to raise all of the funds needed to send the 2 doctors and a helper. I think that she needs to raise about $3500 still. You can donate at using Paypal and can read more about the trip there.

I am personally very excited about the trip now more than ever. I am hoping that Hope Anne can talk to the orphanage director to assure him that family is coming for Katya. I am also hoping that the doctors can do something to help with any pain that Katya is experiencing. And, of course, the doctors and Hope Anne can give Katya a lot of love and pray over her. That will be very comforting to me. And maybe this medical trip will be the first of many that can really help these kids!


  1. My heart breaks for Katya, and I truly hope that the orphanage director will hold her at the baby house for you since you are coming for her (and it's really not your "fault" that you can't come quicker!!). I pray that she will not be sent away to the traumatic institution!

    BTW, which are the 12 diagnoses? Sounds very few to me! Hope they will have that corrected soon!

  2. We are in the same boat. I am so sorry. Praying for the law to change so we can go get our kids! Do you have a submission date?

  3. Hey Guys,
    It's an honor to pray for your family! The blog is great.

    The Strohms

  4. Christine, No we don't have a submission date. We haven't even completed the homestudy, so we are just praying and knowing things are out of our hands.

    Strohms- Thank you guys for praying and reading the blog. We can't wait for Katya to meet Sophia :)