Monday, May 18, 2009

I am feeling really sad about the news I posted yesterday. I don't want Katya to have to wait any longer for a family; every month is such a long time when you've only lived for 4 years. When I thought we'd get her in September, there was so much to prepare so quickly that I had very little time to think about Katya being in the orphanage. But now that it may be what seems like forever until we can go to her, I feel so helpless and so sad for her. And somehow she has become much more real to me, and I feel like she is already a part of our family. And I just want to get to her before her development is any further delayed or before any more psychological damage is done. But I know that it is not in my control.

But we're praying for her and thinking of her all of the time. Even Sara is pretending to write her letters. Yesterday, she spoke as she scribbled, "For Katya- Love you." It is amazing to me that my 20 month old comprehends so much of this process. And I can't wait for her to have a sister.


  1. Really; I can't understand how a condition can be considered bad enough to get the poor child transfered to a dreadful institution, but not bad enough to give the child a quicker adoption? Where is the logic? And where is the human heart?
    I understand your sadness; you are her mother and I'm nothing but a stranger, but if I'm sad, how much stronger mustn't your feelings be!
    I'm praying for Katya and for a miracle to happen!

  2. Thank you for your prayers! I wantedto follow-up on your question yesterday, too. I can't remember all of the 12 (someone posted the list on the RR yahoo group), but it includes missing limbs, DS, some issues related to HIV, arthrogyropis, and a few others. It does not include CP, either; I know there were several kids with CP on the RR site, so that is really sad, too. Hopefully, it will be changed soon.

  3. Thank you! How kind of you! Not CP either, that's really strange and without logic... :-( I really hope for love and logic to unite and win so that this list is being changed really soon!!

    I'm not a member of the RR yahoo group since I'm not adopting, so I'm unaware of what's written there.