Monday, June 1, 2009

Well, tomorrow was expected to be a big day for families hoping to adopt from Katya's country, as we were told that the bill that could put a moratorium on international adoptions was up to be voted on tomorrow. But I have recently heard that no such thing is going to happen and that this proposed bill has disappeared altogether. (Of course, everything I find out is rumor to some extent.) But this is very good news for now!

We are still dealing with the fact that Katya's disability is not listed as a condition that would help her to be adopted sooner (instead of waiting months and months for a dossier submission date), but we can only pray and hope for now. We have heard that there is also a bill waiting to be approved that could change this, also.

We had our homestudy visit last week, and it went well, I think. It really only consisted of an interview with Jon and myself and a quick inspection of our home. The social worker was very positive and let us know that she'd send a draft of the homestudy when it was completed. So I'm thinking that all went well.

The only downside of the homestudy being pretty much done is that I now feel the urgent need to get organized and start gathering everything I need for the dossier. Some of the requirements seem quite obscure and, to be honest, I am feeling a little frazzled and burnt out before even getting started. But I am taking a couple days away with my mom this weekend to pray, think, and talk, so I am hoping that I will come back rejuvenated and ready to get to work!

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